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Dezire Power Ab Roller

Dezire Power Ab Roller

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Dezire Power Ab Roller is a one-step solution to strengthen your core, improve your body flexibility and build your body balance!
The Dezire Power Ab Roller will help you get a six-pack without you needing to hit the gym every day! 
Be consistent in developing your core, this Abs Roller will be your workout buddy!  

Start rolling for a better core and a stronger you. 

  • Designed to improve the effectiveness of ab exercise and help to engage and strengthen muscles in the back, arms, and core.
  • Its ultra-wide, spherical wheel allows users to carve left or right to engage all sets of abdominal, including oblique muscles. the increased wheel width offers stability and balance!
  • Transform your home floor into a gym!
  • Suitable for everyone!
  • Its nonslip handles will enable you to work out for longer and optimize the engagement of your arm and core muscles!

Easy to disassemble and install

Both handles are detachable. Easy to carry and store
1. The "R" handle corresponds to the right side of the wheel, and the "L" handle corresponds to the left side of the wheel
2. Press the button on the handle, insert the handle along the hole of the socket on the side of the roller.
3. Disassembly. Press the button flat with one hand and pull the handle to the outside with the other hand.


  • Material Used: Stainless Steel, Rubber, ABS plastic
  • Loading Weight: 150Kg
  • Size: 33 Cms Width 
  • Wheel: 20 Cms Diameter
  • Elastic Force System

Package Includes

  • 1 x Dezire Power Ab Roller
  • 2 x Premium Silicone Handles
  • 1 x Training Knee Pad


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